PCB Manufacturing Services

Quality Products at Competitive Prices

Energy Innovation Systems LLC in Roselle, IL provides excellent PCB manufacturing services and offers a wide range of high-tech prototypes, multilayer boards (up to 20 layers), and rigid-flex boards. We specialize in PCBs and PCBAs, and we use special materials from Rogers, Teflon, BT, and Arlon. Our team can build evaluation boards from various suppliers like Texas Instruments. We source the parts for you to give you the best price available.

Our Services

  • We specialize in the development of battery pack technology. If provided with existing specifications, we can build your pack at a lower cost than your current supplier.
  • We can either assist your engineers in working on a design, or we can come up with a design especially for you.
  • We can be a second source for your existing PCBs or battery chargers.
  • We source all the parts for you so you don’t have to. We control the MSD parts and the solder paste. We can even source the parts and send them to you to keep spare parts in your inventory. You have no waste on your side.